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"Thank you so very much for the healing treatment.  Tonight is the first night since the first of April I haven't had to take a Percocet.  I'm relatively pain free! [Three days later.] I went to my chiropractor today and she said I was in the best shape today that she's seen me in for the last two months." Dr. Victoria Gardner, Spiritual Psychologist, Fort Collins, CO. 

"Margie, thank you so much for the wonderful healing session.  You have an incredible ability to step outside of any situation/circumstance and see the big picture which helped tremendously in my healing process.  The different modalities you used were very powerful.  The Pyradym [Instrument] was very relaxing and at the same time energizing to my entire body.  I love the Quantum-Touch hands on healing.  I just [lie] there and allow what needs to happen, [to] happen.  I know that I am responsible for my own healing process; however, it is so much easier and quicker to have someone help guide that process of healing." 

"The Egyptian Healing Rods I held in my hands had such powerful energy.  I could feel the pulsing in the palms of my hands for some time.  I can't wait to get my own E. Healing Rods so I can learn to use them myself…for my own physical well-BE-ing and to learn more about these wonderful ascension tools."

 "I had tried a number of other healing techniques on the longest fingers in both hands.  Nothing helped. I felt immediate relief in the two fingers that have been locking up on me and had enormous relief regarding some personal fears around traveling by myself and getting lost and fears about moving in and out of other dimensions by myself.  You helped me see how the two fears coincided and what I need to do to handle that for myself.  What an incredible session." Pat Young, Loveland, CO

"The session with Margie, combining Q[uantum] T[ouch], Pyradym and the [Egyptian] healing rods felt great.  The overall feeling was peaceful and relaxing.  My body responded to the tones of the Pyradym, especially to the 3rd tone/chakra, which my body seemed to crave.  The subtleties of the [E]gyptian healing rods felt like a wave of balancing energy running feet to head.  And Margie’s QT felt easily received by my chakras - feeling like a pulsing energy.  At one point, I thought she had [her] hands on me because the pulses felt so strong.  But when I opened my eyes, her hands were above my body.  Fascinating!  Overall, a great experience. Kelsey George, Lemoine, ME

 We realized that a shorter session [30 min] with the Pyradym Instrument really matched my own path, which is to stay in my body – leaving it is easy!  So with that and matching the Pyradym energy with the Egyptian Healing Rods, it was a perfect energetic match, as if the Pyradym loosened the stuck energy and the rods lifted and cleared it.  I felt so very light after [the session], yet grounded.  Barbara Pals, Redfeather Lakes, CO

Overall Egyptian Healing Rod use - from all over the U.S.

My Reiki practice has blossomed! The effectiveness of the treatments I offer are amplified 10 FOLD when used with the Rods! Serna, NY


My acupuncture treatments are at least 60% more effective using the rods during treatments with my clients.   Dr. Suzanne, Milwaukee, WI


I have been using the rods for 8 months. I started with the Kont and now use a Crystal every day. I had extreme trouble getting out of a chair and walking when I started using the rods. I also could not keep my head up straight and had no energy. After several weeks using the rods, I was getting out of a chair and walking like a normal person. I also found that my head automatically came up straight. I have so much more energy that I was able to help my family prepare holiday meals and found myself standing for 3 hours straight while doing it. I could not stand up to more than 5 or 10 minutes prior to that without my back killing me! Thank you for my life! Eillen R. 89-years old, Scottsdale, AZ


Kont rods

After 30 days using the Rods-Kont my doctor cut my Blood Pressure meds in half!   MP, Civil Engineer, IN


I had taught a channeling class this weekend and the Rods were awesome! Everyone very easily was able to access the higher dimensions with the support of the Rods. Very Cool. I have been sleeping with the rods and move them to different chakras that feel like they need extra attention, then wake up clear and refreshed. I would almost recommend the Kont more than the Quartz because of being able to sleep with them all night.   Molly Indura Healing guide and teacher, Ann Arbor, MI


Last week I had a very upsetting confrontation at work around an on-going and long standing problem. I decided to stop being threatened by a co-worker when she said she was going to check up on me. I got 'mad.' Not my usual response. That night I slept with the kont rods and awoke with a different notion of grounding, that of standing my ground. For me, standing ground gave me tremendous power to both be angry and constructive. By the end of the day my assignment for next year was changed by the big boss and my co-worker was put on notice to change the way she relates to me.

M. N.


I have been trying out the Egyptian Healing Rods for myself to see what they can offer.   I have been working with the Kont rods and instead of holding them in my hands, I have been placing them under my pillow at night.   I place the copper one so that it is under the right-side of the pillow when I am laying down and facing upwards.   The zinc one I place under the left-side of the pillow.

The first time I tried this, I was on-call for work and slept in the spare bedroom so that my pager would not wake up Dawn.   With the rods under my pillow, Miracle (our cat) slept on the bed with me all night.   At one point she slept up by my head near the copper rod.   The following night, she immediately came into the room when I put the rods under the pillow.   She jumped up on the bed and went to sleep before I even got into bed.   Although my pager did go off each night, once I finished my work I was able to quickly fall back asleep.   The third night, Miracle again ran into the room as soon as I put the rods under the pillow.   She looked at me and meowed.   I said 'okay' and she jumped on the bed and curled up.   Although my pager did go off each night, once I finished my work I was able to quickly fall back asleep and my sleep was peaceful.   Then I tried one night without the rods.   This time, when the pager went off and I finished my work, I had trouble falling back to sleep.   Miracle did sleep on the bed, but both of us had restless sleep.   Whenever I went to my computer room responding to a page, she followed me.   When the rods were under the pillow she stayed on the bed.

Since then I have slept with the rods under my pillow and without them.   My sleep is more restful when they are under my pillow and I have more vivid dreams.   I don't always remember my dreams, but I do know that I had them and that they were very vivid at the time.   This has been unusual for me as I normally don't ever remember my dreams and rarely even remember that I did dream.   The other thing is that I don't toss and turn when I sleep with the rods under the pillow.

-Bill Fleming, AZ


Quartz rods


Recently I was in a severe auto accident. The next morning I woke, (after my first night with the Rods) and my nose injury was remarkably better! People can't believe I am so much better in just one day!   There is NO PAIN! The swelling is gone and so is half the redness. Thank you.  Nita, San Diego, CA


For years my arthritis prevented me from gardening. Now in my 70's, the gift of relief from this pain is WONDERFUL. I am gardening again!   Phyllis, SC


  I have been using them for about a week now. I now really look forward to my meditation time. Although I have not had as powerful an experience as my first time using them, I still feel a strong energy "pulse" when I hold them. I also find it easier to have a calm and deep meditation while using the rods, which lasts longer. I am also having deeper sleep periods at night. Today, the weather was very nice and I went outside and did my meditation, facing the setting sun. I started with one of my favorite chants to open the energy channels. I started seeing strong gold and reddish gold spirals, which lasted for some time before fading away. It was very cool!

R. T., Maryland


Crystal Rod Feedback


Crystal 2

Each time that I use these wonderful rods for meditation, I am able to quiet my mind quickly and settle into the silence. I then immediately feel as if I am gently lifted and sitting on a magic carpet that is taking me on a smooth meditation ride.   A great way to meditate and a fun way to relax!    D. F. - Arizona


Crystal Star rods

I had injured my knee via hamstring pull in the winter snow and had difficulty healing it up. The craniosacral therapist who assisted me the night before I flew out, was able to get me to the point that I could physically walk on the airplane. Upon arriving in Sedona, I was seen by an excellent massage therapist there almost every day. Everything was helpful, but, I was getting a little concerned about my recovery phase. It wasn't until I met Wanda at the Red Rock Spa that I found relief. She introduced me to a gentleman who was a dealer of the Egyptian Healing Rods. I connected with the Crystal Star rods and noticed within a 3-4 minute aspect, a vortex sort of infinity figure 8 rotational access energy around my right knee. Within a matter of minutes, the pain was totally relieved. I felt a warm sensation of energy flowing down and outside the lateral aspect of my leg. What I would have equated to the acupuncture gallbladder meridian and out the foot. From that point on, I was able to walk without discomfort and it has not returned.   Dr. Teresa, MD, Ohio


I used the Crystal Star rods this afternoon. It was emotional and very powerful. There was light and colors, some pulsing, but not the bright white lights this time. I sensed people standing all around me, some touching my shoulders. Very loving energy. I was asked what I wanted most. It was wonderful!

B. T., Maryland


Star Consciousness Rods

Some intuitive observations/feelings/thoughts regarding the Star Crystal Consciousness Rods:

(1) Very powerful - even with very little thought projection/visualization

(2) The rods have opened me up to more of my "Divine LIGHT Being Students" here on Earth.

(3) I am able to feel the pulse of the Universe when holding my a heartbeat of the Universe - never really thought about the Organic Time Matrix Universe having a cycle/heartbeat.

(4) Empowerment of my Spiritual Warrior abilities.......sensing people much clearer.

(5) Empowering role as a "LIGHT Protector" of the Human Race

(6) Much more peace, joy, and love enlightenment.

(7) Amplification of my Pranic Energy - 10 Fold Energy Increase.

(8) Physical transformation of my DNA Strands.

B. D., Ft. Meade, MD

More testimonials about Margie Mulligan's healing sessions:

“Immediately after the [Pyradym/Quantum Touch] session, I felt relaxed and at ease, kind of like after a good massage. The next few days, my detox [rash on skin of arms and shoulders from toxic chemicals] seemed better and my wife noticed that I seemed more relaxed and happy.  I look forward to hearing more about the Pyradym Instrument and experiencing it again. I also liked the way that Margie gave me feedback on my energy fields and found this to be interesting and enlightening.”  Les Moore, Sr. Research Associate, Fort Collins, CO.

 “Just before my annual convention, I developed a fever and felt lousy.  I went for 4 days, feeling awful, and slept through most of the convention.  I felt like I was beside myself literally.  My head started to hurt in a weird way, like the bones under my scalp were sore and misaligned.  I had friends work on me while out of town, but nobody really made a difference.  On my return, I scheduled a session with Margie.  I immediately felt better and noticed over the next couple of days that my head bones were back to normal and feeling fine.  My fever was gone and I felt myself.  I had realigned with “me” quite nicely.”  Deborah D., ForeverGreen MLM Executive, Fort Collins, CO

 “I’ve known Margie since 1998 and she is very skilled in multiple healing and coaching modalities. I have personally experienced the healing power of Quantum Touch in classes that Margie taught in my home with my friends.  Everyone experienced direct, powerful manifestations of reduced pain and correction of physical and emotional issues.  My partner's ankle was injured when he stepped in a pothole.  Margie and others ran energy into Michael's ankle and the team heard a "pop" as the ligament moved back into place and the swelling went down.  His ankle has been completely normal ever since that time.”  Terry Hildebrandt, Corporate Organizational & Quality Consultant, Denver, CO.


"I experienced [Margie's] vibrational healing not long after I crashed in our back pasture while running, dislocated my shoulder and had stitches in my knee. In fact, she worked on me a bit at the eWN event just 4 days after my fall, and I went from barely being able to get up the steps to the podium to being able to jump off the stage after Margie’s brief [7 min] treatment. The pain was greatly lessened in my knee!  A few weeks later I had a “real” [1 hour] treatment and was astounded at how the pain in my shoulder and knee subsided. Margie gave me a [Pyradym] CD which I play about once a week when I am in a quiet place. It seems to help my poor abused body heal and retune itself (physically and mentally!)." Ann Clarke, eWomenNetwork, Rocky Mountain Regional Executive Director

Other Testimonials:

Pyradym and Quantum Touch Sessions

Felt a great “inner” massage for my healing vertebrae (1st-2nd chakra) and a refined energizing of my upper chakras.  It helped me to shift from thinking-brain dominance to a more flowing place”.  Robert Evans, Brain Integration Technology, Fort Collins, CO

“…in terms of relaxation I feel that the session left me with a deep sense of calm that probably lasted into the weekend following the treatment. I found my disposition to [be] much lighter and felt quite open.” Dr. Michael Johnston, acupuncturist, Fort Collins, CO.

 “This was absolutely wonderful.  The vibrations emanating from the Pyradym machine went deep into my body causing an open feeling at my third eye.  I’ve been working with correcting my vision naturally (Bates method) and I felt a moving in my head behind my eyes. A very positive in clearing my issues I have surrounding sight and vision.  Thank you.”  Sara Havelange, Sacral-Cranial Massage, Fort Collins, CO

 “This was quite an intriguing healing session.  As a martial artist, I felt every kick and punch I took resurface and come out.  This treatment will bring up emotions and things held in [the body], but will leave you feeling very good.  I would highly recommend Margie as a healer.”  Ted Ray, Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, Fort Collins, CO

"I highly recommend the work of Margie Mulligan. She is a gentle, peaceful spirit and it is easy to relax in her presence.  I felt that she instilled in me - the well-being recipient - a sense of confidence, that she was able to discern the areas that needed an energetic upgrade, and then she delivered what I needed, in each session….I feel the combination of her [Quantum] Touch treatments, with the augmentation of the Paradym machine was a great gift to my enhanced wellness. ….she held all my challenges in total confidence. There was nothing I felt I had to "hide from her", out of shame or guilt. One can't heal if there are internal self-judgments or practitioner-judgments about what needs to be addressed. Margie accepted where I was, and simply and beautifully supported me in going to the next level in my wellness…..Margie Mulligan is a Professional Health Care Practitioner [who] definitely Walks Her Talk. I felt comforted by the fact that she shared her own healing processes with me . . . things she had healed in herself. This is the sign of a true healer."  Maraya Foley, Alternative Healer, Fort Collins, CO

 “There is a singing bowl that has water in it ….and it begins to emit a sound,,,,[that] makes the water roil, as if it were boiling.  That is how my chest and neck felt for about 15 hours after the Pyradym treatment.  It was slightly uncomfortable because of the unusualness of the sensation.  The following day, I felt slightly sore, as if I’d climbed a mountain and breathed hard, but good.  I know something definitely went on [at] a cellular level and it feels as if it is still going on, after 24 hours.  After my Network entrainment, I experienced a big release of emotions.  It felt like the Pyradym machine had loosened the stuck energy. Third day, the energy/vibration can still be felt in my chest.  My blood pressure is normal in the morning for the first time in a week of high readings.  The Pyradym sound seems to have loosened some “stuck energy” in my spine in a place that has been chronically tight since I was in a car wreck ten years ago.  The following day, I went to my chiropractor and that triggered the release of emotions associated with this stuck area of the spine.  This sound tool is powerful. Thank you.”  Barbara Pals, Somatic Respiratory Integration, Fort Collins, CO


Quantum Touch Classes

“What I liked was the chance to not only meet but interact with like-minded people. (It didn’t hurt that Margie is an excellent healer and facilitator!) There was more than one moment when I thought “Aha!  This is what the human experience is supposed to feel like.” Michelle Kelly, Marketing Communications, Fort Collins, CO.

 “I liked the people, the “web” of interconnectedness, the gentle humor, the intensity! Margie’s guidance, examples and openness.  Practice opportunities with give and receive mode.” Doug Strachen, Memory Powers, Fort Collins, CO.

 “She is the very best of over 20 different energy class teachers I have taken.”  Gloria J. Gradisar, Aurora, CO.

Margie’s teaching style is very non-judgmental and accepting.  I felt comfortable to learn in her class.  She presented the techniques clearly.  She was very available for questions.  Joanne Cardinal, Massage Practitioner, Denver, CO.

Quantum Touch and Sound Healing Session

“I sat with Dr. Mulligan for a private session using sound healing therapy combined with a focus on relieving physical and emotional pain.  Margie is a gifted, patient and warm individual and I felt very comfortable and trusting in her hands.”  Gail Chasin, Professional musician and Sound Healer, Irvine, CA.


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