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Sound Wave Energy


 The Sound Wave Energy CDs were developed by Nicole LaVoie, the founder of SWE.  This powerful resource was described by Richard Gerber in his groundbreaking book, Vibrational Medicine, that is used in over 100 medical schools for their alternative healing classes. The CDs are a portable "electronic medicine chest" containing hundreds of CDs and thousands of healthy frequencies/vibrations your body needs to remember and entrain/align with to balance and clarify:

  • the 7 major energy centers or chakras (11 CD set),
  • the spiritual issues or blocks (11 CD set),
  • mental and emotional issues or blocks (11 CD set),
  • all body organ systems, for clients with major illnesses, e.g, circulatory, digestive (11 CD set)
  • and create a radiant body (5 CD set),
  • single issues (e.g., ultimate lovemaking, feminine realization, masculine wholeness, calcium magnesium, lean body, relaxation and calmness) 
  • powerful CDs for boosting immune system and releasing fear (pre-requisite is 7 chakra and spiritual series).
  • For advanced customers, vibrationally charged water (pre-requisite is one or more of the 4 basic CD series)

Discount on "used, good quality" CDs available for 50% off list prices.  Call to see what is available. 

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If you have questions or want to order, Call Margie (970-214-3397)

For more details on CDs go to SWE web and then come back to place your order with Margie or mention her name to Sound Wave Energy as your distributor/coach: [welcome page] [research and testimonials on the power of sound healing] [details about the 8 different types of SWE products]

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