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Workshops and Events
Margie Mulligan is certified as an instructor of Quantum Touch TM energy healing workshops.  These “live” workshops are intimate and experiential, with time for lots of questions and hands-on practice.  Her 20 years of energy healing provides a rich context for students learning energy healing.  You will often find Margie at Colorado Healing or Metaphysical Fairs where she combines Egyptian Healing with the Russian-made Egyptian Healing Rods, Pyradym Instrument’s vibrational healing with the Egyptian practices and energy healing of Quantum Touch. Through 2008 she will be demonstrating and using the Egyptian Healing Rods.  She is beginning to teach the Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Mystery School .
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Margie is a frequent contributor to The Healing Path magazine in Fort Collins.  She has also published on-line in the Boulder Healer’s Association Healing Vibes  newsletter.  There are articles on most of her healing modalities on the individual energy healing pages.  As this section expands, downloads of her recordings of Egyptian Healing Rods classes, interviews from Conversations with Colleagues and FREE Quantum Touch “What will you learn” lectures and a variety of energy and spiritual healing coaching e-zines will be added.  [More Info]

Products and Services

Margie Mulligan’s true purpose is to empower her students and clients to heal themselves.  She provides products and services to introduce her students and clients to energy healing, and then to train and coach them as they develop their own ability to heal themselves and their families, friends and colleagues.  The three categories of products and services are: Hands on Healing - Jump-start your healing with a personal session; Learn to Heal Yourself at Home or On the Road; Coaching as You Apply What You Learned [More Info]

Recommended Links
Margie Mulligan provides links to resources that she has used personally and considers high quality and healthy.  This section will expand quite a bit in the near future, but for now, there are: links to books, articles and CDs; nutritional products – FDA approved phyto nutrients, superfoods and whole food tonics with absorption above 95%; and professional healing associations.  A wide variety of affiliate links and sources for vibrational healing will appear here soon.
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