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Healing Devices

TThe Pyradym™ is a NEW vibrational healing instrument or device using a synergistic combination of sound, vibration, crystal and color therapy for mental/emotional/physical/spiritual balancing. It is a Class 1 Medical Device, approved by the FDA for pain relief, circulation and stress reduction. The Pyradym™ is used to stimulate and facilitate the human bodies' own healing capability. Used in combination with The Egyptian Healing Rods, the Pyradym accelerates the healing and calms the person seeking wellness.  It uses the sacred geometry of the pyramids to boost it power. 

Pyradym is used to stimulate and boost the human bodies’ innate self-healing mechanisms (endocrine and immune systems) with four basic functional systems: sound, physio-acoustic vibration, light/color, and crystal energy in addition to sacred geometry. 

Your body aligns with the Pyradym™ frequencies of the healthy body through sympathetic resonance (e.g., such as a tuning fork).  As the cells align with these higher frequencies, they spontaneously clear energetic blocks, expand and accelerate the healing process.  It has been called a powerful “sonic shower” by many clients.  

To see slides describing benefits and evidence for the Pyradym Instrument, click here.

View or print the Pyradym™ brochure, inside, outside (Note: print two sided and fold in 1/3s)

The "What is Vibrational Medicine" article published in the Healing Path has a brief description of the Pyradym Instrument.

To read a description of the Pyradym™ Instrument:  Description of Pyradym sound, vibration, light and crystal treatments, including testimonials.

To see what the Pyradym CD is capable of doing at home for pain and stress , check out this “How to…” document. 14 Minute Pyradym Tune Up CD  Relieve pain and stress today in your home or office. Buy the CD now.

This instrument is available for use by healing clinics on a rental or purchase basis.  For more details about the Pyradym™, go to the inventor’s web site then contact Margie.  Pyradym Web site for technical details and testimonials


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