Energy Healing Overview

Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Healing
In 1987, Margie was initiated into a Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Mystery School.  All of her energy healing was triggered by that event, and her current healing practice now relies on these teachings and experiences.  In addition to her office sessions, she is preparing to teach 3 levels of classes, to make the art work and lessons from her teacher's lineage available to the world.  NEW - Egyptian Healing Rods, created in a Russian pyramid, based on a Yoga Mystery School initiation given in the 1920s to a Polish Count.  Incorporated into healing sessions and available for purchase by individuals and healing practitioners. [More Info]

What's In It For Me?

Find out the benefits of energy and vibrational medicine in a concrete, practical way.  [More Info]
Understand the scientific evidence behind vibrational and energy medicine. Scroll down to Presentations [More Info].  Read testimonials from clients who experienced vibrational or energy healing sessions. [More Info]


Vibrational and Energy Medicine

Learn about what this new/old field of medicine and healing includes.  Also, learn how it works when a vibrational or energy medicine method is used.  How does the energy get to the part of the body where "it hurts"?  There is now scientific evidence from hundreds of credible sources, all summarized in books and peer reviewed journals.  Articles and a slide presentation are available to introduce you to the definitions and sources of scientific evidence.  [More Info]


Healing Devices
The Pyradym™ is a NEW vibrational healing instrument using a synergistic combination of sound and color therapy for mental/emotional/physical/spiritual balancing. It is a Class 1 Medical Device, approved by the FDA for pain relief, circulation and stress reduction. The Pyradym™ is used to stimulate and facilitate the human bodies' innate self-healing mechanisms. Used in combination with Quantum Touch, the Pyradym accelerates the healing and calms the person seeking wellness.
The Well Beam – a healing device from LightSound Therapeutic Technology. It is a personal unit for pain and stress relief, improved circulation, rapid healing of injuries.  It is FDA approved. [More Info]

Quantum Touch
This form of energy work uses powerful, simple breathing and body awareness exercises to amplify the life-force energy. When the practitioner holds a high vibrational field of life-force energy around an affected area, through a process of resonance and entrainment, the client naturally matches the vibration of the practitioner, allowing his/her own biological intelligence to reduce or eliminate pain, release or calm the emotions and speed the natural healing process of the body. [More Info]

The Healing and Success Codes

There are two complete home-based spiritual, mental and emotional energy healing systems to heal: (1) The spiritual, mental and emotional focused on health (The Healing Codes); (2) The spiritual, mental and emotional focused on success and abundance (The Success Codes).  They allow each individual to remove physiological stress, clear out the destructive cellular memories and boost the energy of body systems compromised by stress (e.g., the immune system).  [More Info]

Sound Wave Energy
This powerful resource was described by Richard Gerber in his groundbreaking book, Vibrational Medicine, that is used in over 100 medical schools for their alternative healing classes. SWE is a portable "electronic medicine chest" containing hundreds of CDs and thousands of healthy frequencies/vibrations your body needs to remember and entrain/align with to heal the 7 chakras, the spiritual level, all body organ systems, radiant body. Also, powerful CDs for boosting immune system and releasing fear. [More Info]

Other Energy Work
Three other energy healing modalities that are available include: (1) Customized Energy Medicine - "take home" relief for your health challenge through a combination of
energy kinesiology, acupressure, yoga mudras, relax therap/ease; (2) Reiki - an electrical energy technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing by boosting the life force energy and energy systems of the body through the meridians and energy centers; (3) Magnified Healing® - a magnetic energy healing method that activates heart energy to focus on physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual levels, using sacred geometries, breathing and affirmations. [More Info]

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