The Egyptian Rods are the amplifier of mental energy, which one allows making the future a reality. The Rods-Crystal are the highest vibrational rods made.

In Ancient Egypt the fillings of the rods were different sized quartz crystals. Those sizes depended on the desired effects on the health and energetic system of the person working with The Rods. The Rods-Crystal contained quartz mono-crystals. These were made for Priests, masters of healing. These cylinders created a powerful energetic shield around a man which could influence a patient, harmonizing his energetic streams, being an executor and transmitter of the signal from master's mind at the same time.

The Rods- Quartz and Rods-CRYSTAL promote health, effecting an increase in energy. But we also see the Rods-Quartz and Rods-CRYSTAL as mental technology as used by Ancient Egyptian Priests. The Priests used Rods during a 22-year training for " joining the future." It is recorded that the Priest held the the Rods-Quartz and Rods- Crystal for 5 minutes or more, until one o'clock. And at this precise moment he "constructed the future" through a process of visualization.

The liberation of mental energy is a most important process when working with Rods. This MENTAL ENERGY acts on sensory channels. This allows the person to not only feel his/her desire, but also to actually enjoy an odor, vision and sound of the desired FUTURE. The images appear in all diversity of colors and are retained by consciousness as long as this desire is pleasant to the person. This amplification of energy and desire helps to manifest the desired future.

Rods-Crystal are also tools of transformation, manifestation and ascension. You may experience a mild pricking sensation and an exotic feeling of "expansion" in the field of possibilities when first working with the Rods. In some there is sensation of "pulsating" in the 6th chakra as the energy grows in the 6th and 7th chakras. The Rods- Crystal can be used with practical results by an experienced practitioners or meditators. They are excellent tools in working with groups.