Margie M. Mulligan, Ph.D. - My Journey

 How Did I Get from There To Here?

 At a time when most of my contemporaries are retiring, here I am thriving with a new life and exciting career! The story began with the family I grew up in and my own response to the growing alternative healing and organic food movement in the United States. This is where I found my own personal journey to healing.

 In my family of origin, where western medicine wasn’t practiced; we used the wonderful old wives remedies that my mother had learned during her upbringing on the farm from her mother and grandmother and my father’s mother. We all enjoyed excellent health. My first memory of visiting any outside practitioner was to a chiropractor, this was in 1957. That experience has caused me to in corporate the healing of chiropractic as a lifelong practice.

 It was when I began my college years I first encountered western medicine through visiting the Student Health Center. Those experiences, which usually included pharmaceutical drugs for the healing solution, always produced negative reactions in my system and did not prove helpful for the ailments. (I found myself calling my mother for her remedies whenever I was sick.)  That was also the beginning of my junk food years on a tight college budget. As I started my teaching career, I found myself frequently sick, to my surprise! I began seeing how the foods I ate and what I drank affected my health. 

 Slowly I began to explore the slim collection of books that were available on healthy lifestyles. In 1968, these were few and far between and finding places to purchase their recommendations often became a treasure hunt! At this same time, I gradually began to learn that what went into my body and the lifestyle I lived contributed to my level of wellness and wholeness. This realization continues to affect every aspect of my life to this day.

 I continued to climb the educational and corporate ladder, while expanding my knowledge and training in alternative healing therapies and modalities. I’ll be forever grateful for that parallel education in mental, emotional and spiritual healing from 1980 until I left the corporate world in 2005.  I dedicated myself to a private holistic practice, sharing what I had learned with clients and audiences. By that time I had over 25 years of training in psycho-spiritual principles and energy healing.

 In a nutshell, the journey unfolds: 

  • 1987 – 1992 Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Mystery School, I felt I had truly found my healing home! As I was drawn into the world of energy and sacred ritual healing, I found relief from the emotional, mental and spiritual distress of my corporate life. Chanting had the power to up lift my state of consciousness and break through negative patterns. Through using the energy in my hands, I am able to shift emotional, mental and physical blocks for myself and clients.  I completed my studies and was certified and have now formed my own Mystery School to share this work with others.
  • In 2007, I came across a modality which compliments all of my healing work. Egyptian Healing Rods provide the power to tap deeper into my intuitive gifts and are the perfect addition to my mystery school training. When I focus their energy toward my own physical healing or manifesting, things really move in the world. Clients say that their symptoms or stuck emotions and thoughts shift more quickly.
  • In 2005, healing an athletic injury that required orthopedic surgery brought the Pyradym Instrument into my life, first for my own healing, then for my clients.  Using sound, vibration (FDA approved), crystal and light provides powerful relief of pain, stress and speeds circulation to promote healing. 
  • Quantum Touch taught me the power of breath to boost the energy healing and get faster, more power-filled results. Simply breathing deeply can shift many kinds of stuck energy, emotional distress and negative thoughts.
  • Through Creative Visualization linked with Somatic Therapy, I found I had the intuitive gift for reading people’s emotions and where they were stuck in their body, helping them move from negative to positive states through psycho-drama and vibrational healing.

I incorporated other practices into my current work as well: Sound Wave Energy CDs, I AM Source training, the teachings of Abraham through Esther Hicks, Hindu Spiritual Practices such as chanting and meditation, The Healing Codes, Reiki and Magnified Healing and Psychology of Mind.

My healing journey has taught me something unexpected; I realize that I unconsciously draw to me what I need to know. Every insight or skill I developed holds something of value in my personal healing. I thank my parents for the opportunity to learn at an early age to be dependant on my own intuition and non-chemical remedies for healing. That beginning paved a lifetime of health and healing.

My learning is not complete, it never will be. Each day holds new treasures to explore, new lessons to learn. Each of us holds the knowledge and skills to help ourselves shift to a more resourceful state. We just need to remember what we know and who we are. That is the lesson I continue to re-learn everyday and what I offer to my students and clients. 

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