Margie M. Mulligan, Ph.D.
Heal Like an Egyptian
® Wellness Coach


Ancient Egypt held the Healing and Manifesting “Secrets” to help YOU today. Russian Scientists scientifically demonstrate the benefits:

  • WELLNESS for physical issues, boost your energy system and body so you have more life force energy to heal easily.

  • MANIFESTING physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wealth, creating your heart's desire faster than you thought possible.

  • ASCENSION OR SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION - increase intuitive gifts, ease the uncertainty of changes, speed the process at home.

You can have these profound and powerful self-help Egyptian Healing Rods in your own hands, creating the life you want NOW.

Want a demo first? Get a Heal Like an Egyptian® session! Experience power from Ancient Egypt that Pharaoh's used throughout their lives. Find out how these cylinders help YOU!

What are Egyptian Healing Rods?

• used by the Pharaoh's and Priests/Priestesses of ancient Egypt;

• based on secret Egyptian mystery school texts;

• created and researched by Russian scientists in a Russian pyramid.

Description and prices for 8 Healing Rods of different amplitudes.

Healing rods testimonials from users and clients.

YouTube video about Healing Rods.
(also see 2nd demo video)



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